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Optimized Trading
Timeswell Robo Advisor provides you with a top-tier trading experience by reducing market friction to help achieve an optimal asset allocation.
Dynamic Modeling
By combining artificial intelligence with modern asset allocation theory, Timeswell Robo Advisor attempts to find better solutions dynamically and intelligently with the changing market.
Smart Re-balancing
Timeswell Robo Advisor provides automated and intelligent portfolio re-balancing to guard your investments efficiently.

Stay at home. Invest around the world.

According to your risk tolerance and the market, our intelligent algorithm can seek to obtain an optimal investment strategy. By utilizing fifteen global low-correlation assets, we can reduce the risks of a single market significantly and capture global market opportunities.

  • Developed countries ETF
  • Bond ETF
    Investment Grade BondHigh Yield BondEmerging Market BondNational Bond
  • Real Estate ETF
    Real estate
  • Commodity Market ETF
  • Emerging countries ETF
    Latin AmericanNew EuropeAsia except JapanChina

Historical Performance

Historical data is not indicative of future results. The data is performed from back-testing which assumes the portfolio, investment principal, and risk level remain the same when the regression test is performed.